Folder Common Land Use Planning Process Review 2014-2018

Since late 2014, we have been focussing much of our effort on reviewing the Common Land Use Planning Process (CLUPP) in an effort to make future planning projects more efficient and successful. Over time, we will be adding discussion on papers that support this review here. Also supporting this review, we hosted a workshop in 2014 and a large conference in 2016.


Folder A Yukon Regional Land Use Strategy

Documents exploring the idea of a land use strategy for the Yukon, written by Council staff or contractors.

Folder Challenges with Implementing Chapter 11

Leading up to an overall review of the Common Land Use Planning Process (CLUPP), this discussion paper and appendices looks at several challenges associated with implementing the Umbrella Final Agreement's Chapter 11 - Land Use Planning. November 2016.

Folder Jurisdictional Review

In late 2014, the Council hired a contractor (Lesley Cabott Consulting & Associates) to review the Common Land Use Planning Process. Their first product was a jurisdictional review. This review of a number of Canadian jurisdictions with northern regional planning programs was done through a literature review, targeted email correspondences and some telephone interview. See the memo below for more context and a summary of findings.