The North Yukon Regional Land Use Planning Commission submitted a Recommended North Yukon Land Use Plan to Yukon Government and Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation on March 31, 2008. Plan approval and implementation will now be done the Parties, including consultation with affected communities. With its work complete, the Commission no longer maintains an office or a maintained website. Commission documents are found in the Documents section of this website, here. The Council also provides some of the the Commission's spatial data. The conformity of projects in the North Yukon planning region is also assessed by Council staff on behalf of the Commission.

Old Crow venues for implementation talks: the public lunch in the building in the background, more technical talks in the building in the foreground

The North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan was approved in 2009, making it Yukon's first (and only) regional plan to be approved under the Umbrella Final Agreement. Since then, some parts of the plan have been implemented, while others are still in progress. In recent months, we have been requested by the Plan's Parties (Vuntut Gwitchin and Yukon Governments) to assist by providing financial and staff resources to some implementation projects as well as attend implementation meetings between the Parties. Currently, we are involved in two projects that may serve as templates for other planning regions:

  1. Determining how best to track human disturbances in Eagle Plains. See these documents.
  2. Analysing field data on disturbance and recovery dynamics in Eagle Plains
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Updated Map 1The    pdf Final Recommended North Yukon Use Plan (14.36 MB) was the last planning document by the North Yukon Planning Commission. Once the Parties (Vuntut Gwitchin and Yukon Governments) made slight modifications and approved it, this plan became the North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan, or the Approved Plan. Therefore, the Parties distribute this version on their site.

As a courtesy to the Parties, the Council assists with updates of this plan, as needed. These updates will be posted in our documents section   folder here .

The first such revision was to update Map #1 which depicts the land use categories. In particular, the areas withdrawn from staking where updated to reflect changes since the Plan was published.

The NYPC's websiteNow that the North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan has been approved, it is time to put it into action. The Parties to this plan, the Yukon Government and the government of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, have agreed on some plan implementation tasks. One task, checking the conformity of proposed projects to the plan, has been assigned to the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

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An ALCES® landscape computer simulation model was used to explore and better understand potential outcomes of plausible oil and gas, tourism and mining land use scenarios for the North Yukon Planning Region (Table S-1). Land use scenarios, and the detailed parameters for each scenario, were developed by domain experts and through research. A number of different scenarios for each sector were not examined, as the range of plausible scenarios was considered to be relatively low.

The complete document is now available at this link.

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