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The Yukon Land Use Planning Council helps Government, Yukon First Nations and Regional Planning Commissions coordinate their efforts to conduct regional land use planning.


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Senior Land Use Planner: YLUPC/DRPC

The Yukon Land Use Planning Council seeks a Senior Land Use Planner to assist the Dawson Regional Planning Commission in the preparation of a recommended regional land use plan for the Dawson Region. The role of the Senior Land Use Planner is to assist the Commission in completing a Draft Land Use Plan; managing the Draft Plan public engagement process and developing a Recommended Plan. The plan will represent a major milestone in reconciliation and the implementation of the Yukon First Nation Land Claim Agreements. The Senior Land Use Planner works under a collaborative supervision arrangement with the Chair of Dawson Regional Planning Commission and the Director of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council. The Job Description and Statement of Qualifications can be found "here".


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 In April of 2019, the Parties to the Yukon Forum (represented by leaders from the Government of Yukon, Yukon First Nations, and the Council of Yukon First Nations) sent the Council a series of recommendations that stemmed from their review of the implementation Chapter 11- Regional Land Use Planning.  The focus of these recommendations is:

    - Setting regional planning commissions up for success
    - Supporting several regional planning commissions at the same time
    - Legislative review of the First Nation and Government of Yukon regulations
    - And reviewing the Adequacy of Funding for Regional Land Use Planning under Chapter 11.

Acknowledging the importance of these recommendations, the Council requested that continued meetings with the Leads of the Yukon Forum on this matter would be essential for the effective review and implementation of the recommendations.  The Yukon Forum Leads accepted this request. Council then recommended that a series of staff level workshops be held to examine in detail the Yukon Forum’s recommendations to determine how best to address them.  These staff workshops are planned for this fall.    


The Council is currently creating a steering committee to assist the Council as it explores ways to meaningfully weave Indigenous planning concepts and traditional knowledge throughout regional land use planning processes.  This work strives to uphold the objectives of Chapter 11 recognizing and promoting the cultural values of Yukon First Nations and utilizing the knowledge and experience of Yukon First nations to achieve effective land use planning. 

One of the committee’s first challenges will be to consider how to engage First Nations and others on these topics given the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and to create innovative ways to advance our thinking on these topics.  Stay tuned for further information as the committee begins its work.

Dignitaries elders

Dignitaries and elders gather after the signing of the Peel Watershed Regional Plan. 

Both the Yukon Land Use Planning Council and Dawson Regional Planning Commissions had busy and interesting 2019-20 (Click here for YLUPC and DRPC annual reports).  Highlights of the Council’s work this year includes:

  • The approval of the regional plan for the Peel Watershed
  • Attending 6 Yukon First Nation General Assemblies (a record for YLUPC!)
  • Establishing a working relationship with Yukon Forum Leads committee
  • Beginning to assist Yukon, CYFN and Canada with the adequacy of funding review for Regional Land Use Planning
  • Continued support to the Dawson Regional Planning Commission as they work to complete their draft plan




In 2017, the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, the Grand Chief of the Council of Yukon First Nations, and Chiefs of the self-governing Yukon First Nations signed a Mining Memorandum of Understanding.  The Mining MOU commits the Parties to work collaboratively to improve the management of placer and quartz mining in the Yukon and an independent panel was created to recommend these improvements.  The Yukon Land Use Planning Council submitted a letter and a series of recommendations that focussed upon land use planning, First Nation relations, cumulative effects and climate change (see letter here).


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