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Supporting regional planning in the Yukon                                                                                                                    

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Now and Tomorrow!

Over the last year, we have helped with the implementation of approved regional plans, helped the Dawson Commission with their ongoing planning process, and worked towards improving future planning processes. We have also set several goals for the coming year and beyond. Regional planning in the Yukon is happening!

Key Accomplishments 2020/21: 

2020-2021 Recap

  • Initiated a review of other pan northern regional land use plans to consider how to better embrace traditional knowledge, Indigenous views, values and knowledge into Yukon regional planning.
  • Worked with Yukon Forum Planning Leads to design and launch several workshops with Yukon planning practitioners, focussing upon a strategic and new approach for land use planning in Yukon: workshops convened between December 2020 through February 2021
  • Worked closely with Dawson Land Use Planning Commission (DRPC) to support draft regional plan development and collaboratively addressed resource needs; also contributed to cumulative effects assessment through the use of ALCESTM modeling (A Landscape Cumulative Effects Simulator)
  • Collaborated with Teslin Tlingit Council to identify steps to launch regional land use plan in Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory; also liaised with other YFNs interested in pursuing regional LUP
  • Determined if YLUPC had resources to undertake further assessments of conformity to approved RLUPs for proposed Class 1 activities and notifications under mining legislation, i.e. North Yukon and Peel Watershed RLUPs; assessments are used for YESAA and regulatory screenings
  • Assisted the North Yukon Regional Land Use Planning Implementation Committee with the determination of historical human footprint (surface and linear disturbance levels). A report will be posted soon.
  • Met with both Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board and the Mineral Development Strategy Panel regarding Chapter 11 responsibilities: identified opportunities for strengthening regional planning connections and fulfilling chapter 11 vision for regional plans across Yukon
  • Undertook an in-house financial review of projected costs for Yukon RLUP 2021-2024; identified possible multi- plan scenarios, unfunded work and assumptions
  • Ensured staff, office and YLUPC work was conducted in accord with COVID-19 protocols

Looking Forward: YLUPC Work plan for 2021-2022

  • confirm new approach for advancing regional land use planning in Yukon with Yukon Forum Leads Committee and communicate the new approach throughout Yukon
  • Work with Teslin Tlingit Council and Yukon Government to commence Teslin Regional Land Use Plan
  • Consider any other additional requests for regional or sub-regional planning in the territory
  • Provide essential support to the Dawson Regional Planning Commission (financial adm., human resources, computer technology support and analysis), culminating in submission of draft plan and consultation leading to completion of final recommended Dawson Regional Land Use Plan
  • Convene a gathering to address how Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Planning concepts can better be utilized in Chapter 11 based planning processes and provide recommendations to the Parties
  • Recommend and implement improvements with respect to the integration of Chapter 11 processes with other UFA and government based land and resource management decision making processes (e.g. Chapter 11 and Chapter 12- YESAA based processes
  • Identify planning best practices for consideration in regional, sub-regional and other types of land planning in the territory
  • Make recommendations to the Chapter 11 and consider long term financial requirement for regional land planning in the territory Adequacy of Funding Review
  • Assist the implementation work associated with the North Yukon and Peel Watershed Plans, including YESAA based conformity checks and Class 1 mineral projects
  • Sponsor and participate in the Planning Institute of British Columbia and Yukon’s annual conference (Whitehorse June 15-17, 2021)

Future Years (Beyond March 2022): Key initiatives

  • Support existing commissions (identify information requirements and contribute to compilation before appointments, provide financial, HR & technical supports in concert with parties, provide ongoing advice to address challenges)
  • Prepare for/initiate concurrent and/or additional RLUPs: assist with preparation of sub-regional plans as requested
  • Prepare guidelines and recommendations to effectively incorporate Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous views, values and knowledge into regional land use plans
  • Consider resourcing needs and models to support concurrent RLUP commissions and consider lessons learned from commissions


Key Goal/Sub-goal


Collaboration With

Support Commissions Undertaking RLUP

Dawson Planning Commission

* Dawson LUPC provided extensive supports (human, financial & technical supports including website and CE analysis)

* Provided advice on issues and assisted with cumulative effects analysis


New Approach for RLUP in Yukon

Work with Yukon Forum Leads to identify a new approach to Yukon RLUP

* Plan focus & workshops with Leads re strategic approaches, improved RLUP process, and implemented supports to commissions  YG, CYFN, FNs

RLUP Process Changes

* Convene a series of facilitated workshops to address RLUP modifications FN reps/YG

Concurrent Planning Initiatives

Pre-planning for launch of Teslin RLUP

* Met with TTC to initiate planning for launch of Teslin RLUP TTC, YG
Liaise with parties about RLUP * Informed on future requests for RLUP & other planning initiatives CTFN/KDFN/KFN/YG

Indigenous Planning and Traditional Knowledge

Consider how RLUPS can incorporate Indigenous Planning (IP) & Traditional Knowledge (TK)

* Formed IPTK Steering Committee to advise YLUPC re path forward TTC, YG
* Scanned other jurisdictions to consider how IP/TK is embraced in RLUPs IPTK

Cumulative Effects (CE)

Consider initiatives to address CE in RLUPs

* Collaborate with YESAB and provide a joint presentation to CE Forum YESAB
Support Dawson LUP in CE assessment * Provide expertise to CE Working Group to prepare CEA for Commission DRPC

Yukon Strategic Initiatives

Inform MDS panel of RLUP interests

* Converse with MDS panel: prepare written brief on RLUP key priorities MDS panel
YESAB Linkages * Met with YESAB to consider how RLUPC and Commissions could better Integrate Chapters 11 and 12 YESAB

Support RLUP Implementation

Provide Conformity Check Opinions

* Address conformity of proposed activity to North Yukon RLUP VGFN/YG Implementation Committee
Consider Peel RLUP Implementation Committee request re doing conformity checks for proposed activities * Agreed to prepare assessments for proposed Class 1 activities & notifications vis a vis approved RLUP Parties to Peel Region/YLUPC

Finance and Administration

Address funding needs to complete initial RLUPs

* Provided four- year costing analysis for funding remaining RLUPs YG and Canada
Identify unfunded activities YLUPC * Summarize & cost estimates provided for currently unfunded work YG and Canada

COVID measures to protect staff/office/public

* COVID 19- Operational Plan prepared, approved and implemented YG
Approve Workplans and budgets * Reviewed & approved semi annual plans for review by YG/Canada YLUPC/DRPC
Staffing of key positions for YLUPC & DRPC * Conducted interviews for replacement Senior Dawson Planner and other key positions being vacated YLUPC/DRPC



 CYFN- Council for Yukon First Nations

DRPC- Dawson Regional Planning Commission

FNs- First Nations

IPTK- YLUPC Advisory Working Group on Indigenous Planning and Traditional Knowledge

Peel RLUP- Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan

RLUP- Chapter 11 Regional Land Use Plans

VGFN- Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation

YLUPC- Yukon Land Use Planning Council

YG- Government of Yukon

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