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The Yukon Land Use Planning Council helps Government, Yukon First Nations and Regional Planning Commissions coordinate their efforts to conduct regional land use planning.


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The members of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council held two sessions in late 2017 to discuss the strategic direction for the organization. These sessions were facillitated by Cambio Consulting who also wrote this plan.

The planning experience to date has illustrated a number of challenges and opportunities for attention at all levels of the planning process:

  • Foundations around roles, responsibilities and relationships;
  • Regional planning commission operations; and
  • Post-planning implementation processes

This plan is intended as high-level strategic document that charts a course for YLUPC to work with its partners to address these challenges over the next three years.

Click here to download the plan.

The Yukon Land Use Planning Council is normally comprised of three members: 1 nominee of the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN), 1 nominee of Government of Canada and 1 nominee of Yukon Government. After their appointment by the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, members have a 3 year term. Members typically meet in Whitehorse up to 12 times per year. Members must be Yukon residents, and must not be delegates of the parties that nominate or appoint them. For more information on regional planning in the Yukon see our Source Book for Commission Members, or learn more about us.

Though we have no direct role in the nomination or appointment process, we direct those interested in becoming a member to these sites for more information on their respective application processes:

We incourage anyone interested to apply, regardless of whether or not there is a vacancy in the Council - the three organisations above typically keep lists of interested and qualified people.




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