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Dennis Zimmermann, MSc.
Council Member (interim Chair) - Canadian Government Nominee

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Appointed December, 2017 and nominated by the Government of Canada.

Dennis Zimmermann has over 20 years of professional experience in the North. His Master's of Science Degree in Rural Planning with a focus on community-based planning and engagement brought him to the Western Arctic of the Northwest Territories. In Inuvik, he became a local Economic Development Officer, ran an Inuit tour company and developed tourism plans for all the Inuvialuit communities in the region.

After moving south to Whitehorse, he established the Yukon Wild Marketing Program with the Wilderness Tourism Association and became the first Product Development Officer at the Department of Tourism and Culture. His next few years involved promoting small business, mining, tourism and international investment as Senior Business Advisor for the department of Economic Development. Dennis also has extensive experience in marketing and communication as past Vice-President of Client Services with Outcrop Yukon and Associate Interactive Strategist with Outside the Cube. 

The last decade of work has revolved around the intersection of community, fish, wildlife and habitat. Dennis was the Executive Director of the Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee and Trust Manager for the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust for five years.  For the last few years Dennis has been self-employed with Big Fish Little Fish Consultants working on a variety of salmon and caribou management planning efforts, indigenous land use planning, facilitation, environmental education and communications and outreach projects.

Dennis is married with two teenage boys and enjoys, fishing, hunting, camping and traveling throughout the Yukon and around the world.