Folder Approved Final Recommended Plan

The Approved PlanThe   pdf Final Recommended North Yukon Use Plan (19.89 MB)  was the last planning document by the North Yukon Planning Commission. Once the Parties (Vuntut Gwitchin and Yukon Governments) made slight modifications and approved it, this plan became the North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan, or the Approved Plan. Therefore, the Parties distribute the Approved Plan on their site.

As a courtesy to the Parties, the Council assists with updates of this plan, as needed. These minor updates are also posted here.


pdf Map#1-Land Use Categories and IMA Zones-Updated Jan 2012 Popular


Download (pdf, 3.54 MB)

map1- land use categories and IMA zones_OIC_update_Jan2012.pdf

Updated Map 1

Updated Jan 2012 to show changes to show changed staking withdrawals since the original plan was published.