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Cover of Summary of the Report on TK in Land Use PlanningThis is a 13 page summary of a report that examined nine regional land use plans in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Northern British Columbia to consider how traditional knowledge was used and how plans address broader Indigenous concepts about their relationship to land and their way of life rooted in the land.

The review showed that the Yukon plans do not reflect traditional knowledge to the same extent as the other seven northern plans. Even though requirements in the Final Agreements are clear and both Yukon Commissions worked closely with communities, the plans themselves do not portray to the extent of other plans Indigenous worldviews, values, and knowledge. This project provided some insights on why that may be and how the Yukon Final Agreements and the collective northern experience with planning provide opportunities to improve Yukon’s regional planning processes.

This summary and the report itself was written by planner Gillian McKee under contract to the Council in early 2021.