Folder Break-out Session 3

There were 4 concurrent sessions during this break-out held Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm.


Folder Community – Planning for sustainable northern living (streets, houses and food)

New ideas and changing values are making planners ponder northern housing and streetscape concepts.

Venue: Classroom A

Moderator: Peggy Holroyd Senior Land Use Planner, Department of Lands, GNWT

Folder Governance – Evolving Role of Land Use Planning

Past successes and problems shape the way decisions may be made in the future. Let’s look at how land use planning is evolving.

Venue: Multipurpose

Moderator: George Nassiopoulos Council Member Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

Folder Planning Methods – Engagement Methods

Some approaches for engaging with a variety of people with different roles, viewpoints and cultures.

Venue: Artist Studio

Moderator: Gillian McKeeSenior Land Use Planner, Energy Mines and Resources, Government of Yukon

Folder The Future – New Plans for the New North – Planning for Success

A look at an older regional planning process and a brand new one. How can the new learn from the old, or vice versa?

Venue: Longhouse

Moderator: Gerald Isaac Policy and Planning Advisor, Yukon Land Use Planning Council.