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Presentations from panels 2-4.


pdf 1a Keynote Total Impact Workshop Lindsay Staples Popular


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1a Keynote Total Impact workshop_LStaples12032019.pdf

Lindsay Staples laid the groundwork for the two day workshop by establishing a common understanding of CE and introducing related concepts and government policies. 

pdf 4b NY CE Implementation S Skinner Popular


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4b NY CE Implementation SSkinner_13032019.pdf

During his presentation Sam demonstrated the finer points of how CE was incorporated in the North Yukon Regional Plan and how the plan can help in project-level assessments in the region. 

pdf 4c Remedies for All That Ails Us C Mantyka-Pringle Popular


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4c Remedies for all that ails us_Mantyka-PringleCE 13032019.pdf

Dr Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle brought a wealth of information to the CE discussion by providing examples of her work in the NGO sector.  

pdf 4a CE Management S Francis Popular


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4a CE Management SFrancis_03132019.pdf

Maximize the good and minimize the bad was the theme of this presentation from Shawn Francis.  Through using regional planning as a tool for CE he discussed the successful North Yukon regional planning strategy and its incorporation CE management.  

pdf 3c The Governance Challenge and Cumulative Effects J Pattimore Popular


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3c The Governance Challenge and Cumulative Effects_JPattimore_13032019.pdf

From the perspective of working within the Kwanlin Dün First Nation government this presentation explored some CE research and looked into a case study from the Fish Lake area in the KDFN traditional territory. 

pdf 3b Governance Challenge TSmith_13032019 Popular


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3b Governance Challenge TSmith_13032019.pdf

From the perspective of YESAB Tim Smith discussed CE assessments done on a project-level framework and the challenges and opportunities that exist within the current YESAB framework.

pdf 3a Barriers to addressing CE in the Yukon K Staples Popular


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3a Barriers to addressing CE in the Yukon_KStaples_03132019.pdf

Kiri Staples shared some findings from her preliminary research on barriers to addressing CE that she is undertaking in the Dawson region. 

pdf 2c Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Yukon D Clark Popular


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2c Climate Change Impacts and adaptation in Yukon_DClark_12032019.pdf

Dylan Clark from the Yukon Government Climate Change Secretariat discussed the impacts of predicted climate change in the Yukon. 

pdf 2b Scales of CE and Wildlife Impacts M Suitor Popular


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2b Scales of CE and wildlife impacts MSuitor12032019.pdf

Mike highlighted issues of scale by discussing the impacts of cumulative effects on large migratory vs sedentary caribou in the Dawson region. 

pdf 2a CE of Development on Wildlife in the N Tutchone Region Mark O'Donoghue Popular


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2a CE of development on wildlife in the N Tutchone Region_MODonoghue12032019.pdf

Through using the Clear Creek and Klaza caribou herd Mark O'Donoghue discussed the impact that cumulative effects has on wildlife in the Northern Tutchone region. 

pdf 1b YLUPC CE Workshop Intro Popular


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1b YLUPC CE workshop intro_RC_PC_12032019.pdf

YLUPC director Ron Cruikshank and Council Chair Pearl Callaghan discussed land use planning in the context of Chapter 11 of the UFA and told the story of land use planning in the Yukon, where we've come from and where we are going.