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Over the last year or two, we have been involved in more of the implementation of the North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan by contributing towards three projects, including recently hiring a contractor.


  1. Determining how best to track human disturbances in Eagle Plains. In early July 2017, the Council hired AspectNorth to do a 5 month contract to interpret satellite imagery of LMU 9 (Eagle Plains) and map out human-caused disturbances. The value of this contract is $15,000. We are looking forward to determining how much disturbance is out there, which will support our consistency opinions. The satellite imagery that will be used includes images purchased by Yukon Governement and other images purchased by the Council.  See these documents for some concepts surrounding this project.
  2. Analysing field data on disturbance and recovery dynamics in Eagle Plains. The first iteration of the reporting completed in late 2016, and was focused on documenting methods and compiling field notes.
  3. We are participating in a committee that is developing an access management plan for LMU 9 (Eagle Plains). The North Yukon Region Land Use Plan recommended an access management plan be drafted in advance of "significant levels of development". The first iteration of this plan will likely include directions and standards for the development of project-specific access management plans as well as triggers for more detailed access planning.

High-resolution imagery (0.5m pixels) reveals recent cut-lines (towards image left and centre) that have started to be digitized by an interpreter (shown in orange dashed lines).

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