Nick Grzybowski, a former intern at the Council, recently completed his masters thesis which captured the knowledge and experience of of those involved in the Peel Watershed planning process. Congratulations and good luck Nick! His thesis is available here. Nick's recent radio interview with CBC can be heard here.

Nick used the Council's office and resources while researching much of his thesis. However, links to this article are provided here to foster discussion of regional planning processes, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.


From the Executive Summary:

The objectives of this report are to capture the knowledge and experience of those involved in the Peel Watershed planning process that took place between 2002 and 2014. Gathering this knowledge will contribute to improving the planning process in the Yukon, where past successes and challenges inform improved future applications or applications in other jurisdictions.

In the short term, this report is intended to contribute to the successful completion of regional land use plans in the Yukon, which in the long run may provide greater certainty for a multitude of users and reduce the prevalence of land use conflicts. The study has been designed to assist the Council in reviewing the Peel Watershed planning process and addresses the following research questions:
How do participants of the Peel Watershed planning process describe their experiences during the planning process?

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