Recommended southern Yukon configuration of planning regionsOn September 16th 2011, the Yukon Land Use Planning Council made four recommendations to the Yukon Government and all the Southern Yukon First Nations regarding regional planning in the southern Yukon.

  1. The Core Area of the White River First Nation and the entire Traditional Territory of the Ross River Dena and Liard First Nation should be excluded from any regional planning done under Chapter 11. Any funding strategy for completing regional planning in the Yukon should not include the identification of funds for these unsettled areas.
  2. There should be three planning regions in the southern Yukon: the Teslin Region, the Whitehorse Region and the Kluane Region.
  3. The next priority planning region should be the Teslin Planning Region, with the new Terms of Reference for the Commission developed by the Parties by March 31, 2012.
  4. For the Whitehorse and Kluane regions, the affected First Nations and the Yukon Government (with assistance from YLUPC) should develop an agreement on the detailed planning boundaries and the associated issue of Commission membership.


Recommendations #1 and 2 are the first significant alterations to the configuration of the planning regions since they were established in 1998 (   pdf Map 1 (158 KB) ). The new configuration is shown on   pdf Map 2 (3.83 MB) . You can download the full set of recommendations   pdf here (80 KB) pdf . (80 KB)

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