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The purpose of UFA Board and Committee Gathering is to give organizations involved in land use planning, environmental assessment, land and water regulation and resource management (including cultural resources) an opportunity to learn from one another and to coordinate activities.



Have a look at our preliminary agenda. We will provide a printed copy of the final agenda and the delegates' package to attendees when they check-in. Topics include:

  • the origin of the UFA boards
  • a similar gathering of Boards and Committees in NWT
  • the history, accomplishments, challenges, and current work of each agency
  • interpreting land claims: issues and resolutions
  • appointments
  • orientation and training of new members
  • policies and procedures
  • contributions to Reconciliation
  • the future of similar gatherings

There will also be time for informal discussions, food, and quite possibly live music.


March 9th 8:30-1:00: The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Center, Long House Room

March 9th 1:30-3:30: The MacBride Museum, Downstairs

March 10th 8:30-4:30: The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Center, Multipurpose Room

Date and Time:

The workshop will be on March 9 & 10. Breakfast starts at 8:30 on both days.


By invitation only, though it will be open to Yukon and First Nations Government representatives on the morning of March 9th. Confirmed participants:

  • Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board
  • Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board
  • Salmon Sub-Committee
  • Dispute Resolution Board
  • Surface Rights Board
  • Yukon Land Use Planning Council
  • Renewable Resource Councils (5 or 6 attending)
  • Yukon Heritage Resources Board
  • Yukon Geographic Place Names Board
  • Yukon Water Board
  • Training Policy Committee
  • Porcupine Caribou Management Board