Workshops held or attended recently.


The workshop was a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Total Impact: Our Collective Footprint was a two-day workshop that explored the challenges of managing cumulative effects on Yukon communities and landscapes.

During the two days we had roughly 90 people in attendence to listen and share their experiences with Cumulative Effects Management in the Yukon. 

What we heard from the workshop participants was that:

  • Everyone is dealing with similar challenges when it comes to CE management.
  • Being in breakout groups and working through challenges together was a useful part of the workshop.
  • Hearing the Elders share their Traditional Knowledge was an essential element of the event.

You can access the workshop presentations here, and more information and documents supporting the gathering are posted here. 

With great attendance and overwhelmingly positive reviews, our Spring 2018 gathering was a success! Held at the Westmark Hotel in Whitehorse on March 21, 2018, well over 70 people attended from almost 30 governments and organizations from throughout Yukon and beyond.

In general, participant feedback indicated:

  • near unanimous support or interest in a Yukon Planning Framework
  • support for this workshop to occur annually, or for more than one day
  • face to face time and networking were important
  • the workshop delivered on expectations
  • the venue was too hot and the workshop agenda/package was circulated too late (We posted drafts on our websites but did not circulate the final agenda until the day before)

Peel imageAgenda: may be downloaded here

Invitees: YFNs, CYFN, GTC, UFA Boards and Committees, Yukon and Canada


  • The Peel Supreme Court Decision and Its Implications (morning)
  • Future of Regional Land Use Planning (UFA Ch 11) (afternoon)

More information and documents supporting the gathering are posted here, including the proceedings.


Back in March 2017, we hosted a successful workshop to give organizations involved in land use planning, environmental assessment, land and water regulation and resource management (including cultural resources) an opportunity to learn from one another and to coordinate activities. As this was the first such meeting, one of the main outcomes was the realization that this workshop should be held again! We've just published the draft summary of the workshop and associated appendices.