On January 30-31st, the Council hosted a workshop on regional land use planning in the Yukon. The purpose of this workshop was three-fold:

  1. To provide an overview of the process of creating regional land use plans in the Yukon under Chapter 11 Land Use Planning. An emphasis will be placed upon the stages in the process where the core planning work is done;
  2. To answer questions from the many new people that are now involved in regional land use planning in the Yukon;
  3. To consider the merits of Structured Decision Making during the production of a Recommended Land Use Plan.

We reviewed the numerous flip charts, recordings and notes from the workshop, and made a summary.

Most of the workshop package is also available electronically, including a report on   pdf Structured Decision Making in the Yukon (1.37 MB) , published in April 2013:


Presentations and workshop proceedings are posted   folder here  and  here.

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