The workshop was a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Total Impact: Our Collective Footprint was a two-day workshop that explored the challenges of managing cumulative effects on Yukon communities and landscapes.

During the two days we had roughly 90 people in attendence to listen and share their experiences with Cumulative Effects Management in the Yukon. 

What we heard from the workshop participants was that:

  • Everyone is dealing with similar challenges when it comes to CE management.
  • Being in breakout groups and working through challenges together was a useful part of the workshop.
  • Hearing the Elders share their Traditional Knowledge was an essential element of the event.

You can access the workshop presentations here, and more information and documents supporting the gathering are posted here. 

Sometimes referred to as “death by a thousand cuts”, cumulative effects highlight how the impacts from a single development may be insignificant, but when combined with other developments may contribute to a total impact that is significant. At the heart of this concern, is the longstanding challenge of how these types of impacts are assessed, permitted and regulated on a project-by-project basis and, on a regional basis, how they are managed and monitored.

Workshop Purpose: 
The purpose of this gathering is to build understanding about the nature and scope of the problem of cumulative effects, the barriers to addressing it, and the role that landscape and regional planning and other strategies could contribute to overcoming them.

The final agenda is now available here.

Multi-purpose Room, Kwanlin Dün Cultural Center 1171 Front Street. 

Date and Time:
March 12 & 13, 2019. 8:00am (breakfast) 8:30am session start - 5pm. 

This workshop is intended for Yukon First Nations, Council of Yukon First Nations, UFA Boards and Committees, and Government of Yukon and Canada.