Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! The Work of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council Summer 2022

Sep 19, 2022

“Yesterday”: Summer 2021 to March 2022 YLUPC Progress

  • Continued work with Yukon Forum Leads Committee to identify measures for advancing regional land use planning in Yukon
  • Conferred with Teslin Tlingit Council and Yukon Government regarding commencement of Teslin Regional Land Use Planning
  • Provided significant support to the Dawson Regional Planning Commission (administration, computer technology support and analysis) to prepare the draft Dawson (June 2021) and recommended regional plans. YLUPC met with Dawson Commission via Zoom and had periodic Chair to Chair meetings
  • Planned and convened the Land Relationship Planning Gathering, November 24, 25, 2021, a virtual gathering of First Nation, RLUPC, YG and YLUPC representatives on Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Planning concepts: considered how these could evolve to inform Chapter 11 planning processes
  • Continued to support the integration of Chapter 11 processes with other UFA and government-based processes (e.g., Chapter 11 and Chapter 12- YESAA based process initiatives including an early 2022 workshop with YESAB and Dawson Commission representatives, guidance to a graduate student conducting relevant analysis)
  • Provided presentation and recommendations to UFA Implementation representatives on immediate and long-term financial requirements for regional land planning in the Yukon Adequacy of Funding Review
  • Assisted with the implementation of the North Yukon and Peel Watershed plans by providing opinions relating to YESAA based conformity checks and Class 1 mineral projects (as requested by the implementation committees)
  • Full participants in the Planning Institute of British Columbia and Yukon’s annual conference (Whitehorse June 15-17, 2021)
  • Not completed: “best practices” for regional, sub-regional and other types of land planning in the territory
  • Refresh YLUPC logo

 “Today”: 2022-2023 Key Initiatives

  • Provide strong support to Dawson Commission and any other commissions that are launched (for new commissions identify information requirements, contribute to completion of key documents prior to Commission launch, provide financial, HR & technical support, provide ongoing advice). Provide Parties advice/comments on submitted Recommended Dawson LUP
  • Work with Indigenous Planning and Traditional Knowledge (IPTK) Committee (YLUPC Advisory Committee) led by Council member Tess McLeod to finalize Nov. 2021 Gathering proceedings and recommendations: consider how to apply to next planning region
  • Engage in discussions with Yukon First Nations to effectively augment and incorporate traditional knowledge and Indigenous world views, values and knowledge in regional land use plans
    Update communications materials and meet with Yukon First Nations (following pandemic protocols as required)
  • Continue work with appointed Leads to enhance (clarify, streamline, focussed as requested by FN) regional land use planning in Yukon and achieve Chapter 11 progress where desired by select FNs; advance implementation outcome of “Advancing Land Use Planning” workshops Winter 2020-21 priorities to better prepare future Commissions and advance regional LUP
  • Finalize YLUPC Recommendations to Parties (YFNS and YG) working in concert with Leads appointed by the Yukon Forum
  • Prepare and provide comments on draft Yukon Public Lands Act and any other relevant legislative initiatives
  • Consider resourcing needs and models to support concurrent RLUP commissions and consider lessons learned from commissions (host Commission/ Council Chairs meeting fall/winter 22)
  • Continue work with YESAB on a common approach to better integrate Chapters 11 and 12 and consider how matters of mutual interest and benefit might be addressed (e.g., cumulative effects work, opinion on conformity for approved plans, utilization of YESAB dbase to inform plans in progress)
  • Address YLUPC and Dawson Commission resourcing needs through staffing, work planning, updating policies and resourcing
  • Update YLUPC Strategic Plan and Communications Plan
  • Convene Council’s annual gathering (theme to be determined – possibly focussed upon RLUPC implementation)

“Tomorrow” (Beyond March 2023): Opportunities

  • Continue meetings with YFNS regarding mutual planning priorities
  • Consider further recommendations to Parties informed by IPTK Gathering report and advice
  • Full support to any established Commissions and undertaking advance work to better inform Commissions building upon the Advancing Land Use Planning workshops Winter 2020-21 (Cambio Consulting) workshop recommendations
  • Prepare for and participate in funding reviews to address unfunded Council work and provide support to established Commissions
  • Continue to advance and streamline as appropriate YLUPC by Advancing Land Use Planning workshops Winter 2020-21 (Cambio Consulting) workshop recommendations
  • Support Parties in finalizing Dawson RLUP
  • Plan two public Council meetings on the Land
  • Recommend options for amending approved RLUPs and how Plan reviews might be initiated