What is the Yukon Land Use Planning Council (YLUPC)?

The YLUPC is a body created through the signing of the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) under the provisions of Chapter 11. The YLUPC is intended to make recommendations to the Government of the Yukon and the respective affected First Nation(s) on matters pertaining to land use planning. Specifically, the Council makes recommendations on policies, goals, priorities, timeframes, and boundaries for land use planning. In addition, the YLUPC jointly administers the $7.4-million allocated to land use planning by Canada with the Yukon Government.

The YLUPC consists of three members, each nominated by one of the three parties to the UFA: Canada, Yukon and CYFN. The Minister of Energy, Mines & Resources appoints the nominees. The members are not employees or agents of their nominating body.

Photo: Peter Mather