Council Membership Update

Jun 1, 2023

Welcome to Al Foster as our newest Council member, appointed May 29, 2023. Al brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will complement the team here at the Council.

We are sad to be saying goodbye to Lois Craig, who has dedicated the past six years as a Member and Chair for the Council. During Lois’ term on the Council, we saw the approval of the Peel Watershed Land Use Plan (2019), completion of a Recommended Plan for Dawson (2022), and the advancement of UFA chapter 11 Land Use Planning in other regions of Yukon. Lois brought valuable insight from a senior management perspective as well as a strong understanding of Yukon First Nations and their Final Agreements, and is a strong advocate for Chapter 11 Land Use Planning.

Neil Salvin, Chair

For more information about the current Council Members, see our Council Members page.