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One of the mandates of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council is to make recommendations to the Yukon Government and affected Yukon First Nations on a number of topics, including:

  • land use planning, including policies, goals and priorities, in the Yukon;
  • the identification of planning regions and priorities for the preparation of regional land use plans;
  • the general terms of reference, including timeframes, for each Regional Land Use Planning Commission;
  • the boundary of each planning region; and
  • such other matters as Government and each affected Yukon First Nation may agree.

You can scroll through our recommendations below and download those of interest. 

pdf 2011 Recommendations for Southern Yukon Planning Priorities

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Download (pdf, 4.35 MB)

2011-09-15 Southern Yukon Planning Priorities.pdf

pdf A Recommendation for a Response Protocol for Recommendations

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Download (pdf, 149 KB)

Combined 1999 Response Protocol Recommendation.pdf

A Recommendation for a Response Protocol for Recommendations

1999:  Response Protocol - Recommendation # 99-001 . A Recommendation for a Response Protocol for Recommendations from Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

pdf Advancing Regional Planning 2022 Recommendations

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Download (pdf, 219 KB)

2022-08-08 YLUPC Cover and Recommendation to Parties website post.pdf

August 8, 2022: Recommendations for the advancement of Yukon regional planning. These recommendations were developed in collaboration with the Yukon Forum "Regional Planning Leads" group through a series of workshops in 2020 and 2021, as well as the Council’s work on Indigenous Planning and Traditional Knowledge.

pdf Beaver Watershed Sub-Regional Planning

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Download (pdf, 234 KB)

YLUPC Ltr SubRegional20171006(3).pdf

October 2017: Sub-regional Planning -  Implications of a sub-regional plan in the Beaver watershed. Attached to the letter is a recommendation made to the Implementation Review Group (10 Year Review) in 2004.

pdf Chapter 11 Plan Review for North Yukon

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Download (pdf, 1.37 MB)

2024-04-03 YLUPC Recommendation North Yukon Review.pdf

Recommendation to the Vuntut Gwitchin and Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Governments as well as the Government of Yukon to undertake a review of the North Yukon Regional Land Use Plan.

pdf NND Planning Region Map

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Download (pdf, 2.04 MB)

2024_01 Map NND planning region.pdf

pdf Plan Implementation Funding

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Download (pdf, 731 KB)

2006-05-08 YLUPC Recommendation - Ongoing Commissions Funding and Appointments.pdf

The Council recommended that the Yukon Government appointing Minister address the issue of plan implementation funding for the North Yukon Planning Commission.

pdf Planning Region Boundaries Map 2013

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Download (pdf, 1.77 MB)

yukon planning regions_Jan2013_150dpi_ltr_legend_in.pdf

2013 boundaries: A map of all the planning regions of the Yukon, as per the Yukon Land Use Planning Council's recommendations and subsequent boundary discussions. This map was produced in 2013 based upon 2011 recommended boundaries with subsequent discussions.  This map was subsequently updated in 2018.

pdf Planning Regions 1998 - map

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Download (pdf, 158 KB)


1998 This is the map of the configuration of southern Yukon planning regions prior to the YLUPC's September 2011 recommendations. These recommendations, in a separate document, refer to this map  as Map #1. These boundaries are now out of date! See our interactive map or our spatial data hub  for most current version.

pdf Recommendation regarding a Regional Land Use Planning Commission for the Teslin Planning Region

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Download (pdf, 238 KB)

2000-07-18 Recommended 00-01 Teslin Region GTOR.pdf

July 2000 recommendation to the Parties to agree to establish a Regional Land Use Planning Commission based upon the General Terms of Reference for the Teslin Planning Region. 

pdf Roles Recommendations

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Download (pdf, 483 KB)

YLUPC to all Parties.ltr Oct 2015.pdf

2015: This letter raises a number of concerns regarding the interpretation of Chapter 11, particularly around roles. It recommends a working group of senior officials be established to determine a process for addressing these issues.

pdf Support for North Yukon Planning Region

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Download (pdf, 138 KB)

1999-12-17 Recommendation 99-02 Vuntut Region.pdf

December 1999 letter to Yukon Government asking for support for redrafted General Terms of Reference and the establishment of a Planning Commission in the North Yukon Planning Region.

pdf The Peel Watershed Plan Approval Process

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Download (pdf, 676 KB)

YLUPC ltr to YG Cathers 2013 04 07 Peel Consultation Concepts.pdf

2013: The Yukon Land Use Planning Council's review and comments on the approval process for Peel Watershed Final Recommended Regional Land Use Plan.


pdf Timely Response to Recommendations

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Download (pdf, 16 KB)


1999: Council encourages all Government and Yukon First Nations to respond to recommendations in a timely fashion. This protocol, accepted by all parties, outlines the timeframe and format for responses to formal recommendations of YLUPC.

pdf Total Impact Workshop Resolution on Cumulative Effects

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Download (pdf, 140 KB)

2019-10-09 Letter Total Impact Cumulative Effects Resolution.pdf

2019:  Resolution from total "Total Impact" workshop, regarding recommendations that arose from this cumulative effects workshop.

pdf Unsettled First Nation Involvement in Chapter 11 Planning

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Download (pdf, 291 KB)

2013-04-05 Letter re Unsettled FN Involvement.pdf

2013  Letter to the Parties regarding the role of unsettled First Nations in Chapter 11 planning processes.

pdf YLUPC Recommendations and the Teslin Tlingit Council

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Download (pdf, 2.07 MB)

2000-10-05 Recommendation 00-02 Response Protocol TTC.pdf

October 2000 recommendation from YLUPC to the Teslin Tlingit Council regarding YLUPC recommendation response protocol.

pdf YLUPC Recommends a Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Planning Region - October 2023

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Download (pdf, 458 KB)

2023-10-17 YLUPC Cover Letter to YG signed NND Planning Region Recommendation.pdf

YLUPC Recommends a Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Planning Region - October 2023

October 17, 2023 - The Council has formally recommended a General Terms of Reference for a Na-Cho Nyak Dun Regional Planning Commission.

This recommendation was sent to First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun and to the Government of Yukon on October 17, 2023 for their consideration. 

2023-10-17 YLUPC Cover Letter to YG signed NND Planning Region Recommendation

2023-10-17 YLUPC Recommended NND-RPC GTOR-Complete

NND Planning Region Map

pdf YLUPC submission to the Mineral Development Strategy Engagement

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Download (pdf, 123 KB)

2020-09-03 YLUPC MDS Recommendations.pdf

Recommendations related to the Yukon Mineral Development Strategy submitted to the Yukon Mineral Development Panel.


pdf Yukon Planning Regions May 2019

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Download (pdf, 3.91 MB)

2019-05-01 yukon planning regions.pdf

Yukon Planning Regions May 2019

May 2019 - Recommended Planning Regions: (map formatted for letter size printing).The map shows recommended planning regions of the Yukon, updated to be consistent with the Dawson Region boundary as set out in the 2018 Terms of Reference for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission. The basis remains Yukon Land Use Planning Council's September 16th 2011 recommendations.