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One of the mandates of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council is to make recommendations to the Yukon Government and affected Yukon First Nations on a number of topics, including:

  • land use planning, including policies, goals and priorities, in the Yukon;
  • the identification of planning regions and priorities for the preparation of regional land use plans;
  • the general terms of reference, including timeframes, for each Regional Land Use Planning Commission;
  • the boundary of each planning region; and
  • such other matters as Government and each affected Yukon First Nation may agree.

You can scroll through our recommendations below and download those of interest. 

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Working papers prepared by the YLUPC Secretariat or third parties that provide the context for land use planning in Yukon, guidelines for consensus based decision-making and other useful information about the preparation of a regional land use plan.

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Proceedings from recent conferences and workshops conducted or attended by YLUPC.

Default IPTK 2022 Themes and Actions

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IPTK 2022 Themes and Actions.pdf

pdf Land Relationship Gathering 2021 Proceedings

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2022-07-18 Land Relationship Gathering 2021 Proceedings.pdf

pdf Manitoba: Regional Planning Summary Matrix April 2015

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pdf Nunavut: Regional Planning Summary Matrix April 2015

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Nunavut (1).pdf

pdf Ontario: Regional Planning Summary Matrix April 2015

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pdf Peel Watershed Plan Progress Report: Putting the Plan into Action

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pdf Phases of Land Relationship Planning

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Yukon Land Relationship Planning Poster (3).pdf

pdf Quebec: Regional Planning Summary Matrix April 2015

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pdf Saskatchewan: Regional Planning Summary Matrix April 2015

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pdf Terms of Reference for the Dawson Regional Planning Commission

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Updated DRPC ToR Signed July 2019_full_sm(3).pdf

pdf Total Impact Summary final 9oct2019 web

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Total Impact Summary_final_9oct2019_web.pdf

pdf UFA Chapter 11 and Related Implementation Plan

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UFA_Ch11_UFAIP (1).pdf

Image YLUPC Land Relationship Planning

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Yukon Land Relationship Planning Poster.png

pdf YLUPC minutes February 2023

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2023-02-03 YLUPC Meeting #4 Minutes-signed.pdf

pdf YLUPC Policies and Procedures 2016

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YLUPC Policies and Procedures - 2016.pdf

pdf YLUPC strategic planning thoughts

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YLUPC strategic planning thoughts.pdf

pdf Yukon Common Land Use Planning Process: Recommendations for Success March 2015

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LCC CLUPP Recommendation for Success -2 (1).pdf